To nominate your company, click on the link below, answer 4 quick questions.

Following your nomination, our team will reach out to the appropriate company contact to finish the application process.


Winners and honorable mentions are awarded in the following primary categories:

  • Small Employer (1-10 employees)
  • Small to Medium Employer (11-29)
  • Medium to Large Employer (30-50 employees)
  • Large Employer (51-200 employees)
  • Major Employer (200+ employees)

Based on applications, the nomination committee may also give special awards to recognize companies for outstanding or unique programs. Past special awards have included “Best Entrepreneurial Opportunity,” “Most Creative Workplace Environment,” and “Unsung Hero in the Workplace.” 

Criteria & Judging

Companies are evaluated on a variety of criteria, including:

  • Employee compensation and benefits
  • Business culture
  • Human resource metrics
  • Special employee engagement programs

Past winners are eligible to win again after three years.

The review team is especially interested to hear about the unique business practices  and climate that make your company a best place to work, so please provide as much detail as possible when completing the nomination.

Entries are judged on their merit and qualifications.  Multiple nominations don't increase the likelihood of selection.

Nomination Deadline: April 27, 2018


  1. When are nominations due? Nominations close on April 27, 2018.  
  2.  Do additional nominations increase my company’s chances of winning? No. Winners are not determined by popularity.
  3. Are there any wrong answers? No, there are no wrong answers. Please feel free to share any and all details about company benefits. You never know if adding that extra perk will break a tie during scoring.
  4. When is the Frederick County Best Places to Work awards event this year? It set for July 26, 2018 starting at 5 p.m. and it is a reception with appetizers and drinks. Although the event is free, attendance is limited to nominated companies and reserving a space in advance is required. Reservation details will be available closer to the event.
  5. Is this a family-friendly event? The awards program is a business event that features a reception with beer and wine and an awards ceremony.  
  6. Will I be notified if I win? Winners will not be publicly announced until the evening of the awards event. Select winners may be notified in advance so we can prepare for upcoming news stories in featured publications. However, there are surprise awards that are not announced until the ceremony. 
  7. Why should I apply? Attracting and retaining talent is important to any successful company. This award provides positive publicity and recognition. It also signals to current and future employees that your company values its workforce. 
  8. We won. Now What? Past companies have leveraged their award in creative ways. Some share the news with announcements, print company tee shirts with “Frederick County Best Place to Work” on them for employees, highlight the award on their recruitment page of their website, and more. Finding creative ways to highlight your win is only limited by your imagination. 
  9. How many times can my company win the award/how many times can my company apply to win? Once a company wins, that business is not eligible again for 3 years. For example, if a company wins in 2017, it cannot apply again until 2020.